The time I thought I had COVID but seems I’ve been only pigging out…

I have not being feeling so well lately. It started a few days ago with some diarrhea and nausea which was coming and going. Then a minor sore throat which was also coming and going.

I had reasons to believe it was COVID. After all, I did flew to Mexico and back early in February and I couldn’t get tested after I came back due to the winter storm extravaganza last week (I did for tested before flying back but not after the whole trip and flight).

I also had treasons to believe it was not COVID. I’ve been under a shit load of stress lately due to the baby, the new work, the trip to Mexico, the winter storm, the fact that I’ve been eating like shit since mid December, etc. etc. Also the days when I was having the sore throat were exactly the cold days when we were with no power for certain hours in the night so it kinda made sense I wasn’t feeling on my best.

Finally managed to get an appointment at one of the local testing emergency sites and got the rapid test and tested negative. I got to admit that the time between “maybe you have Covid and should get tested” and “Mr Guerra your results are negative” (about 2 hours maybe?) was one of the longest and most dreadful moments I’ve had in a while. Mostly because I was afraid for my family, that I would pass this shit on to them and specially the baby.

Luckily the result was negative, but it did made me wonder about why I’ve been feeling like this lately. It made me aware of how much stress and crap I’ve been putting my body into as well as my bad eating habits which are getting worse and worse since the baby was born. And now that I’m aware I’m trying to be more mindful about my daily goings. I’m not going to magically fix everything in one sit, but I do want to slowly work towards that.