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March 2018 Stats

Third month down, I feel like I aimed a bit too high but it was good in general. I did not meet my goals, and I don’t feel bad about it. As I’ve been doing my PN coaching with Mel I feel like I’ve been learning a lot about myself and my goals and how I really need to take it one step at a time. I did run some more compared to last month and I also got some pounds down, could have been more but I messed up the final 2 weeks of the month and well, it didn’t end as planned.

Anyway, here are my March stats…

  • -2.5 pounds down. No change in muscle mass.
  • 45.03 miles (8.29 more than what I did last month).
  • 9 strength training sessions (My back is killing me!!).

Goals for April

  • Continue to catch up on my miles for my goal of 500 miles by the end of 2018 (I’m almost back on track!).
  • Not mess up after my rest day.
  • Lose more weight and gain some muscle (I’m really tired of yo-yoing and would like to steadily hit 220 and below).
  • Drop of the soda on weekdays instead of every day.
  • 64 oz of water on weekdays with Nuun, plain, or something added instead of every day.
  • Go back to track my foods and be aware of my eatings.
  • Bentonville Half Marathon and Dark Side Challenge!

105.83 miles overall during the year, 394.17 miles to go.

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8 miles later…

8 miles tonight. Right on pace for my Half Marathon goal in a week and a half. Garmin and phone almost died and kept bugging me about low battery but made it through the whole thing. Also got my 50K Nike badge for the month of March! Time for a well deserved rest. #nightrun #running #toodamntired #tomorrowsgonnahurt

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All it takes is one day.

One day. One day is all it takes for me to derail and fall off the wagon. Pretty much since the 15th I messed up most of my progress. It all started one night after work when I was stressed and pissed. Didn’t took my breakfast or lunch, drank alcohol at night and started to skip on my workouts.

Kind of got back in track, then the week started again and it was a bad week. A very bad week. I missed work outs, I ate pizza and got back to drink soda, it was shit. Stressed at work, social events, weather, etc.

Thinking about it and looking back I can see that pattern. I can see the pattern of missing one day and then just derailing for a few days. I need to learn to just let it go, skip a day, and then move on. It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to mess it up, and that something that I struggle with. The whole all or nothing mentality.

In other news, one week to finish March, I got 27 out of 64 miles I planned to do this month. I believe if I put my mind to it I can get really close to my goal this month, and it will help me train for Bentonville which is right around the corner!!

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7 days in…

So today is the 7th day since I started to document my progress. It’s been hard and I feel I’m at the point where I typically jump boat and run to get a slice of pizza and a Diet Coke (but I won’t!) or stop by the bar at night after going to the gym (not so sure about this one).

My no soda resolution went out the drain on March 2. The night before I went out with a friend and we drank and that pretty much derailed my whole thing as I was feeling like shit all day on Friday. I had a little more soda on Saturday but definitely not like I was drinking it before. Still, no soda since then so I’m counting that as a win. I’ve also been drinking more and more water so that’s a good thing. I’m trying to constantly stick to 64oz each day (or at least a solid 40-50).

Running wise my streak also went out the tube on March 2. As of March 7th in the morning I’m down 6 miles out of the 60 something I planned to do this month. The weather is also not cooperating much so I started to head back into the gym. Had my strength bootcamp with Mel on Saturday, and I made some progress with my personal workouts. I’m not going to go for a Running streak as I originally planned, but I am going to document my runs separate from my workouts just for the fun of it.

No weight loss in the last 7 days (at least based off my home scale). Will check on the inbody next week as well as some measurements.

I’m still really interested in doing the Bentonville Half Marathon this coming April, but it honestly terrifies me. The cut off time is 3 hours and there’s a horrible hill near the end. I need to do some hill training on the treadmill!

Anyway, these are my March Stats for the first 7 days…

Stats March 2018 Week 1

DateRan at least a mileWorked out64 oz of WaterSoda Free

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February 2018 Stats

One more month down, February is gone and the weather here in the tundra is sort of kind of picking up (let’s not forget that winter here lasts until May).

Considering I took a pause the whole first week of the month, I gotta say things are slowly starting to pick up in some areas. With the weather finally getting better (no ice and no snow on the sideways) and the track at the gym to support me, I’m slowly starting to get some pace and more of a routine which I’m hoping to carry out during March.

Anyway, here are the February stats

  • +2.7 pounds (yeah I know I should obsess over the weight number but it is still a vital). I did took an Inbody scale weight today so, by next month I should have better stats than just the weight.
  • 36.74 miles (12.something more than what I did last month).
  • 8 strength training sessions (as I write this, my arms and legs feel like noodles).
  • No bike this month.
  • 1 Yoga session.


Goals for March

  • Catch up on my miles for my goal of 500 miles by the end of 2018.
  • Start a running streak. (At least 1 mile a day).
  • Lose weight and gain some muscle (I’m really tired of yo-yoing and would like to steadily hit 220 and below).
  • Drop of the soda.
  • 64 oz of water daily (with Nuun, plain, or something added).
  • Include Yoga and Swimming into my activities.

That sounds achievable I believe. I’ll keep on posting just to vent at least and track progress.

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