Catching up…

It’s been a while since the last update I did. Ever since that I kind of fell off the wagon and got back into older habits (drinking, eating and not working out), but I’m kind of getting back on track.

What’s been new?
Color Run (07/08/17) – We did the Color Run again this year. It was very freaking hot and humid but it was fun. I kind of wanted to use that as my jumpstart back into fitness but that didn’t work. Apart from that, Ana is no longer enjoying our runs, it’s too hot, she’s not a fan of being on the stroller that much and since these fun runs have stations she freaks out every time we go through. Also, we didn’t do the whole run on this one, we cut it short and only did 2 miles. Still better than no miles.

Midnight Madness 10 K run (07/08/17) – I chickened out from this one. This was going to be my first 10K race and I eyed this one since February this year, but I totally chickened out. The time limit was the thing that got me, and now that I look at the official race times I do think I could have made it but we’ll never know now. 

Moonlight Classic (07/15/17) – Wife and I did the Des Moines Moonlight Classic on the bike the other day. We did it without Ana and I’m so glad we did. It was great but it was at night and about half the ride it was dark as hell and in trail (no street lights or way to call in an Uber or something). Had a great cold beer after pedaling those 13 miles. 

Swimming (07/16/17) – On Sunday after feeling a little bit sore from the ride the day before I ventured into the swimming pool for a few laps (10 laps… 500 meters). It totally kicked my ass but I felt great after I was done. I need to do some more swimming!

Strength Training (07/17/17) – Trying to keep up the momentum I decided to go and do some strength training. Jumped on the treadmill for a warm up and then went to the weights. I did not do my usual training routine I was working with, and instead I thought it would be a great idea to just do some weight lifting and some exercises. 181 total reps and 14,510 pounds later my legs were sore as hell (I overdid myself with the leg presses). Picked up Ana and then headed for something to eat at the gym. 

Lifetime Fitness Social Run (07/18/17) – Also after several weeks I finally made it to a Social Run at the gym. Decided to do some intervals and it felt really good… and warm!! Managed to get 3 miles in 90° weather (95° was the feels like, I think it was a bit worse). My legs were still a bit sore from the day before but not terrible. Shins are also starting to hurt again, and I totally understand it considering I’ve been off for several days. 

New shoes (07/19/17) – Got some new Brooks shoes. Between a gift card I got from Ana for Father’s Day and a Birthday present from Pepe and Felipe I got enough cash to get a new pair of kicks. Went to Fleet Feet downtown and after trying and measuring I ended up getting this pair. They feel really good and are very similar to the Glycerin 14 pair I got a month or two ago. I just need to break them in and I’ll be good to go!

Tiki Run at Fong’s Ankeny (07/19/17) – Last but not least, after getting my new shoes I thought it would be a great idea to venture outside into the heat and go for a run. Fleet Feet had a social run at Fong’s near our place and I decided to go for it. Weather wise it was horrible (93°F feels like 101°F at least that’s what the Garmin said). I couldn’t do the entire 3 miles. My brain totally clocked out after a mile and a half in and I ended up walking back the rest of the way. Still it was good and he shows felt really good! Plus I ran wearing a grass shirt (the things people do for a free drink). 

That’s about it. I’ll try to update more often!

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Bike Ride!

Got invited to a Bike Ride a few weeks ago. I was really hesitant on doing this because of the distance and all that crap. Decided to give it a go anyway. 12.5 miles from Ankeny to Slater and then back. 

Oooooh holly shit!!! That was quite a ride. First half the wind was blowing against me most of the time (a real bummer if you are on the bike), took me about 1:45 minutes to get to Slater (Google said 1 hour). Made it there, had a beer and something to eat, hanged out with the group that invited me, saw my ex-neighbor, and headed back. 

The ride back felt better, but still made the same time. Wind wasn’t so much of a pain more downhills and the wind not being a pain in the ass. 

4 hours on the trail

25 miles total (40kms)

A ton of calories lost

Legs were killing me afterwards but fortunately Monday the pain wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be (go BCA’s and Fish Oil)

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Friday Workout

Friday workout to finish the week. Managed to workout the entire week! Did my strength training for the day (day 2 workout) that I got from my trainer and damn my arms are killing me now. Really feeling motivated to keep on going. Tomorrow will be my rest day (hopefully) and we’ll start again on Sunday!

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Today I was supposed to go to a social run at a local bar. However at the last minute I changed my mind and ended up going to the gym with the wife and daughter. Did my treadmill warm-up and decided to get in the pool and do some laps. 

I forgot how much I like and hate swimming. Managed to do 10 laps (500 meters) in 23 minutes. My arms are very damn tired but I feel great! I hope to continue going to the pool and get some laps. Specially since it’s too damn hot to go outside. 

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Dam 2 Dam

Last Saturday June 2nd my wife and I did the Dam 2 Dam 5K Run. Damn it was hot that day! Loved the scene and the event. Got a little intimidated by the half marathoners that were finishing at the 1 hour mark but that’s a thing for a different post. 

Race started and I went for it. In the middle of the race it finally sinked on me the magnitude of the Disney run we are doing next year. Usually when I’m running, around the second mile my brain begins to wander and wants me to stop and leave. Told my brain that was not the plan and my brain reminded me how shitty I was feeling at the moment and that the 10K was double the pain, that the half marathon was double that imaginary pain, and that I would be doing that stuff one day after the other! 

Anyway after a long imaginary debate with my brain I pushed through the whole thing and made my way to the finish line and it felt soooo good. Specially when I saw that my times!! 

Gun time: 38:59

5K time based on my Garmin (chips failed at the race): 37:28 

That’s a almost 4 minutes less than my last 5K and like 20 minutes less since I started timing these. 

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More new gear

Got some new gear since I last made my running gear post and I needed to catch up…

First thing is my wife got me a Garmin Forerunner 235. I’ve been complaining for a while that my current Garmin Vivoactive HR doesn’t allow for workouts and that I’ve been quite curious about the Forerunner line of Garmins. So she got me this. I gotta say I like it very much. It’s very light and you can barely tell it’s there. Makes sleeping easier. I kind of miss the touch screen but I can live with that. Plus the Mario watchface is awesome. 

The other thing I got was new running shoes. Went to a specialized store to get my feet tested and they suggested this pair. Brooks Glycerin 14. Quite pricey I got to say but damn they feel comfortable. These are meant to be neutral shoes due to the way I run and they have like extra super padding added for long runs (which I think I’m going to need). Already took them out for a few outings! These (and the UnderArmour I got a few weeks ago) should last me for the next year in all this madness that I’m getting into. 

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Social Run – Tuesday 05/30/17

Yesterday I went out for a Social Run with the people from the gym. Pushed for 3.5 miles and wasn’t so horrible. On the good side I kept a steady pace for the most part of the run, still need to learn to pace myself when I’m not on the treadmill. Got a new PR for 1 mile, 1 km, and was 5 seconds short of my 5K best. Also took out the new shoes, not so bad! I was a little afraid my feet were going to hurt after taking them out. Glad to see they are working for me.  

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Running Gear Past, Present and Future

Let’s start by introducing my running/jogging/walking gear.

Current Gear
Yesterday I got new tennis shoes! After giving it a lot of thought and retiring a pair of Nike Shoes I bought about a year and a half ago (October 2015) my wife convinced me into getting a new pair, and so yesterday we were at the outlet and I bought these new guys… Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2

They seem pretty good and supposedly have arch support so we’ll see how they feel tomorrow when I take them on a run.

My other pair and the ones that have become sort of my running battle shoes are a pair of Under Armour Micro G Optimum (no longer available in stores, sad!). I have grown fond of these, I think I got them January or February 2016. Really like them but they are starting to wear out.

Men’s Tri Fusion Run Running Shoe. I had a love hate relationship with this pair of shoes. I hated them because these were my first “exercise” shoes and I hated them because I used them to do excersice. As time passed by I kind of grew fond of them but also they were a bit tight for me so I ended giving them up about a month ago.

Future plans
Planning to buy a third pair of shoes from a specialized store, wife says I should have 2 pair of shoes and alternate so I’m thinking about doing that in the near future as I start training for the 10K + Half Marathon Challenge next year.

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Star Wars Half Marathon + 10K run.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… *cue Star Wars theme song*

We got enrolled on the Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side – in Florida next year! We are also doing the Half Marathon + 10K challenge which means a 10K on Saturday and then the Half on Sunday. I’m quite excited and nervous about this. As of today I have never done a 10K or a Half Marathon let alone do them one day after the other. 

There’s plenty of time to get ready, already enrolled in some races for the next few months and I’m trying to come up with my plan. My goals are simple: not passing out and not getting disqualified due to pace requirements (stretch goal: don’t fall down). 

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