Weekly Recap

Tomorrow 11/04 is the Hilbilly 10K race. I’m still not sure about this one tomorrow. The logistics for going are kind of terrible for us and at this point either Ofelia or I will end up doing it but definitely not both as planned. IF I do end up running it, I think I will be able to lower my current 10K time (1:21:46) which I think I can if I play it smart. I know I haven’t done a lot of training lately but considering what I’ve learned and what I’ve done lately I think this is a feasible (and crazy) thing to do.
Also I signed up for the Des Moines Hungry Turkey Half Marathon in 3 weeks. Again, I know my training hasn’t been the best (if any), however now knowing what a half marathon feels like (IMT Des Moines Marathon) I do believe that I can go under 3 hours. My official time is currently 3:05:45 (Garmin time is 3:03:11) so 2:59:59 it is!!
150 Mile Challenge Update
It’s been 60 days since I started the challenge and I’m currently at 78.5 miles, still behind schedule but still in good spirits. Doing the half marathon in 3 weeks and training for it should help me boost my numbers for the month and finally finish this thing off.
Off to do some stuff in the house.

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64 miles, 86 to go…

Back in September I enrolled in the 150 mile running through fall challenge. Basically all you have to do is run/walk/jog 150 miles from Sept 4 to Dec 9. 

My first month really didn’t go as planned as I did only 30 out of the 50 planned. And by now (mid second month) I’m almost caught up to where I think I should be. 

Honestly I have enjoyed this challenge a lot, and it has been keeping me outside exercising or inside on the treadmill. I still have 86 miles to go and about 49 days left. I’ll post another update as we get closer!

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Back to the routine…

Things are starting to settle down after doing the Des Moines Half Marathon last weekend. I still feel a little bit tired but not exhausted which I’m considering a really good thing.

On Tuesday I went back to Lifetime and their social run thing they do on Tuesdays.  Did 2.3 miles on an uphill path (I really need to work on my hills).

Last night I did 3.4 miles and felt great (no hills!). I also went out and tried listening to podcasts while running instead of music, going to give this a try and see how that goes.

Not a lot of plans for the weekend, would like to hit the gym on Saturday and do a run on Sunday (5-6 miles). I feel like I’m at a point where I can stand walking/running for certain periods of time, I can endure the 10K or the Half Marathon and now I need to work on my times and get better.

I got myself a present after my Half last week. I got a new running jacket. Saw a post on the Negative Splits Podcast about a brand named ruhn. Decided to give it a shot and the jacket arrived yesterday. Looks pretty cool and feels really good. I’m wearing it today for work and it’s starting to grow on me. Hopefully I’ll get to use it out on a run soon. The other cool thing on a personal note, I’m wearing a size XL instead of the usual XXL or XXXL I have been using for the last few years. It feels a bit tight right now, but I’m hoping by the end of the year when winter finally hits it will be a great fit.

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Goals for the rest of 2017

It’s been almost 2 days since the Des Moines Half Marathon. I’m definitely more calmed and more relaxed by now and the soreness is slowly starting to go away. I went to Lifetime for a massage yesterday and I think it really really helped me out. 

I’m looking at the rest of the year and what I would like to do for the next 2 and a half months and this is what I would like to accomplish:

  • Got the Hillbilly 10K race early November. I would like to improve my 10K time (current 10K time 1:21:46). 
  • I want to do the Des Moines Hungry Turkey Half Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend and I want to do it under the 3 hour mark. 
  • If at all possible I would like to finish and get my 50miles laces at LifeTime (this one will be though since I won’t be going there starting Dec 1). 
  • Finish my 150 mile challenge. 
  • I would like to end the year weighting 215 pounds (currently hovering over 224-227). 
  • Keep preparing for Disney next year!

Goals written. Time to crush them!

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IMT Des Moines Half Marathon 2017

I did it. Yesterday I did my first Half Marathon. I’m writing this the morning after at 5:30am, my body is sore and cranky for making it do the things I did yesterday, but not as terrible as I thought I would feel (tomorrow will be the hard day). 

Anyway, I gotta say I had an amazing time yesterday in the Marathon. The atmosphere and the vibe of all the people is great and contagious. Weather was cold but not miserably cold. 

I completed the run in 3:05 which is 25 minutes below my planned goal, beated my 10K time for about 1 minue or so, and pretty much had a great time. Ofelia and Ana were waiting for me at the end and to be honest seeing them near the end of the race and then at the end felt awesome. 

So now that I did a Half Marathon, here’s what I learned…

  • 13.1 miles is still a lot of F’ing miles to do. 
  • My body can endure 10 miles of non stop walking 0.25 miles and then jogging/running 0.75 miles. 
  • After Mile 10 I think mind pretty much ditched me and left me on my own in autopilot. That’s also when I started to feel crampy on the legs as I started to do more walking at a slower pace. 
  • Compression clothes ftw!!
  • The IMT Des Moines Half Marathon is considered “mostly” flat. That 1% where it’s not flat sucks!!
  • Pasta Night the day before was not a great idea. I felt horrible before going to bed on Saturday Night 🙁
  • Midway through the Half Marathon course there was a bacon tent. Eating some bacon mid race was beautiful. 
  • Now I have a time to beat. 

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My Des Moines Half Marathon attempt

Tomorrow I will attempt to do my first half marathon. 13.1 miles, 21.098 kilometers… that’s a lot of miles in my book. 

My goals are few and simple:

  • Finish the race. 
  • Finish the race before the 3:30:00 mark (or the total runtime of LOTR Fellowship Of The Ring extended cut). 
  • Do not pass out (this is always a very important rule). 

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever do something like this I would have laughed real hard. Hell, up until yesterday I wasn’t even sure I was going to go for it. I’m both excited and terrified about this. I really didn’t trained for a half marathon but I have been training and excersicing more and more. 

Why I’m doing this then? For the lols, for fun (yeah I’m developing a very twisted idea of what fun is), to try and see how far I can go and benchmark myself for my Disney race next year. I somehow feel I need to “know” what a half marathon feels like to see and set my expectations for next year. 

Anyway, here’s to tomorrow!

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Des Moines Half Marathon upgrade. 

I currently have an entry for the 5mile event of the Des Moines Marathon. I’m seriously considering an upgrade for the Half Marathon. 

I’m going to end up doing it ain’t I?

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Bimbo Global Energy Run 2017 10K

Today I did my first 10K ever. Achievement unlocked: Do a 10K race. This was sort of a special run for me not only because it was my first 10K but also because it was my first time doing a race in Monterrey Mexico, my hometown. 

The race itself went pretty good. I gotta admit that the whole Km vs Miles signs on the streets kind of messed up with my brain for a while but all in all it was a great experience. Weather was also great, considering how hot Monterrey can be. 

A few months before I went out for a 10K casual walk to see what it was like. Took me about 2 hours and a few blisters. The cut off time was 1:30:00 for this event and my final time ended up being 1:22:33. Damn proud of it! Best part was that my legs weren’t as sore as I thought they were going to be so that was also a plus. 

Time to get some rest. 

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Sir Paul McCartney!

Last night we went out to see Paul McCartney at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. This would be the 4th time I have seen him and it’s always a pleasure to see him perform. This time I went to see him with Ofelia (her first time) and we had a great time. Until the next time sir!

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Took a break

Yesterday it was miserably and horribly hot outside (over 100°F). During the day I entertained the idea of either going out for a swim after putting Ana to sleep, then I thought about just going out for a drink and watch the soccer game (Manchester United – Manchester City or Mexico – Honduras). Ended up not going out due to a storm that was about to hit Ankeny and ended up getting some very needed rest. So no work out yesterday.

No work out today either, Ofelia and I are going to go see Sir. Paul McCartney!

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