What now?

As I write this at 3:00 in the morning about 5 months after my initial post, I think to myself… what exactly do I want out of this nth iteration of Cereal In A Cup? Do I want to talk about my dogs? About my kids and parenting happenings? About tech and QA and stuff? Health and fitness? Soccer? About life at almost 40? Dungeons and Dragons? TikTok?

Most probably it will be about all of the above and yet about nothing at all. Most likely I’m going to use this as a brain dump and to help me keep me accountable from myself, to follow up on my goals and keep tabs on stuff.

I want to get into writing again

I have decided to get into the habit of writing again. I’m not sure about what yet. About weight loss journey? About running? About tech and video games? About food? About Dungeons and Dragons? About parenting? About all of the above? I guess I’ll figure it out as the days go by.