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Keto Day 4

Completed day 4. I think I’m getting the hang of this. I continue to lose weight but I know a lot of it is just water weight and stuff I can easily recover in a day so I’m not celebrating yet.

I tried some variation of bullet proof coffee today (ish) and it wasn’t that bad. 1 Vanilla Premiere Protein, 1 double espresso shot, vanilla hazelnut MCT oil. Not bad at all! I may venture tomorrow and try it with actual butter to make it more bulletproof (if that’s a thing).

For lunch I found a recipe online for grilled chicken with garlic butter. I gotta say I’m starting to like eating with fat (although I miss my carbs).

Went back to the treadmill again today. Legs felt less shitty and heart rate went through the roof. Better than yesterday definitely but still long ways to go. Patience. Patience.

01/04/19: SW: 240 / CW: 233.9 / 2.00 miles on the treadmill

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Keto Day 1

Started my Keto 30 day trial run today. It’s amazing how my brain immediately tried to sabotage me and my anxiety kicked in the minute I started to think about weight loss and lifestyle changes. Still, I managed to work it out, stayed for the most part on my calorie and macro goals. Still got a ton of questions to go through but my hope is as I keep going at it it’ll get better.

01/01/19: CW: 240 / Keto: 1.0

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