Yeah, I skipped about 10 days on my Keto Journal, but fear not! I’m still at it. There’s definitely some better days than others, specially with stress going on around me.

I’m still losing weight (slowly but still losing), I’ve been trying some new recipes here and there (cauliflower rice!) and I started to workout again.

The cool thing about this (and I’m writing this while I’m still in a good mood) is that I have learned a lot about my body weight, what triggers my anxieties, the difference between real hunger and mind hunger, and what Keto friendly foods make me gain weight and why (bacon!)

Like I said, I also started going back to the gym and that made me feel good. I’m seriously in worse condition than I thought I was but I do feel like I’m slowly getting there. I’m trying to find out how many muscle I have lost since November (don’t know if I really want the answer to this) and where I am today (the new gym doesn’t have an InBody scale). My running zones are also very very jacked up, but at least now I can finish the warmup without feeling like shit!!

It’s also been snowing since my last update, Iowa winter has finally caught up and all I can think about is how last year I was all up and at it about going to run in the snow and now I don’t even dare to run outside (been doing a lot of treadmill).

Right now my biggest concern is me going to Mexico next Monday. I’ll try to stay Keto as much as possible but I fear the worse to be honest (specially because I know me) in terms of me eating and drinking. I’ll try to keep posting while there!

01/18/19: SW: 240 / CW: 225.7 (14 pounds down!) / No workout today, rest day!