Had a really shitty night and barely got some sleep last night due to my daughter and my dogs so that kind of set the tone of the day. I feel like today was my most “cheated” day and in a way I think it was.

Had some Barbacoa in the morning with 2 tortillas, and I think the fact that I had to limit myself to only 2 may have triggered more hunger in my mind. Had some tuna for lunch and chicken for dinner. Based on MyFitnessPal I managed to stay in limits (barely!) but somehow I think I may have over done it. Anyway, I’m not going to beat myself over that. I do know this is a slow process and there will be days better or worse than others.

Today it was also Día de Reyes, and for the first time since I’ve known my wife we didn’t do the Rosca De Reyes. I’m sure if we looked hard enough we could have found a Keto friendly variation, but honestly I don’t have the time right now.

01/06/19: SW: 240 / CW: 231.2 or 230.4 (stupid scale was not working this morning). / Keto Level 1.6