First Saturday on Keto. I kind of was afraid of how things were going to go today because statistically i tend to mess up my workouts/diets on weekends. Made it through fine.

Started the morning making a bullet coffee, this time with actual butter. Didn’t go as bad as I thought and I actually kind of like it. Will definitely give it another try soon.

After that I went with Ofelia to a Fitness Expo where we attended a Keto seminar. It was quite an interesting talk where they explained a lot.

Ended the day having a Five Guys Little Bacon Cheeseburger (no bun). Gotta say I loved it and it felt soooo good.

All in all I managed to stay under my calorie count for the day. I did went over my fat daily limit for about 15 grams, but oh well, tomorrow it will be another Keto day.

No workout today.

01/05/19: SW: 240 / CW: 232.2