Oh boy, where to begin? Last Saturday I did my second ever Half Marathon at the Bentonville Half Marathon in Bentonville Arkansas. Bentonville gave me a lot a few years ago, and I also wanted to test myself before the Star Wars Challenge in 2 weeks.

My goal was to beat my previous time (3:05:45) and to finish below the 3 hour mark. The one thing I was worried about before race day was the hills of the course.

Those last 3 miles seemed like a killer (they were) but nonetheless I decided to go for it.

The second thing I was worried about (and this happened on race day) was the weather. Arkansas is one of those states that is not prepared for winter conditions like Iowa. And of course, on Saturday it was snowing, icy and cold.

Crew said the race was good to go, and so we started. There were some icy patches here and there but it was not as bad as it could have been.

The final hill was indeed a killer one, definitely walked it out as my legs were killing me by then and adding the incline was not helping at all.

Managed to finish the race in 2:55:47. 10 full minutes below my previous one back in October. I felt great for doing this, yet a little crappy because had I done all my training I would have crushed it more.

What’s next? I took off Sunday to rest and to drive back to Iowa. Not sure about tonight, my legs still hurt a little and I’m really tired but I need to keep up the momentum as we get closer to Disney.