Today is Tuesday, I’m at work and my mind is racing and trying to do like 34,634 things at the same time (I counted). I got 2 miles last night at the treadmill at the gym instead of the 8 I originally planned to do. The fact that I stayed at home with the wife watching Santa Clarita Diet while the daughter went to sleep didn’t really help.

But anyway, I’m in a good mood today, I’m also tired but I’m in a good mood. I realize that the month is almost over and I have not really achieved all the goals I wanted to do AND THAT IS OK. I had a good start the first 2 weeks and then I crashed and burned, however I think that documenting all of this has really helped me look at my weak points and come up with a better strategy. Tomorrow (or the day after) I’m planning to get a new inBody read and see how my body weight and muscle is going. I don’t have a lot of expectations but I need to get a reading and see where I’m at. Something that I have learned and I’m starting to work on is to go smaller on my goals and avoid the all or nothing mentality. I mean yes, I do want to achieve my goals and we train not to fail, but it is also OK to fail and I need to learn that.

Wife is encouraging me to take a nutrition certification and honestly, I don’t think that’s such a horrible idea. I love the irony of thinking about ME doing one of those certifications, she really believes in me and thinks I can pull it off. I’ll think about it and see how it goes, it feels like a great idea except for the fact that we need to pay up front.

Weather is sort of kind of starting to pick up, we are no longer having freezing temperatures and there’s still some snow here and there but it seems to be improving. If all goes well I’m really going to aim for a long night run and catch up on some more miles.

Goals for the night:

  • Go out for a 6-8 mile workout and think about Bentonville.
  • STOP caring about pace and enjoy the night.
  • Try to leave the house early so I won’t get home at the wee hours of the night.