One day. One day is all it takes for me to derail and fall off the wagon. Pretty much since the 15th I messed up most of my progress. It all started one night after work when I was stressed and pissed. Didn’t took my breakfast or lunch, drank alcohol at night and started to skip on my workouts.

Kind of got back in track, then the week started again and it was a bad week. A very bad week. I missed work outs, I ate pizza and got back to drink soda, it was shit. Stressed at work, social events, weather, etc.

Thinking about it and looking back I can see that pattern. I can see the pattern of missing one day and then just derailing for a few days. I need to learn to just let it go, skip a day, and then move on. It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to mess it up, and that something that I struggle with. The whole all or nothing mentality.

In other news, one week to finish March, I got 27 out of 64 miles I planned to do this month. I believe if I put my mind to it I can get really close to my goal this month, and it will help me train for Bentonville which is right around the corner!!