It’s the middle of the month and it’s time for check in. I want to say that up until… Monday? I was having a really good week. Was down by about 3 pounds, doing my exercises (running streak is totally off by the way), staying away from soda… then Tuesday and Wednesday came. I’ve been really stressed at work lately and it made me realize how fragile and stress related are my eating habits.

I started to mess up my lunch, and that lead to mess up my breakfast, and so on and on. I still haven’t craved to a breakfast pizza with a Diet Coke and beers at night but maaaan I’m really tempted.

Workout related I’m sticking to my plan and going at it. Started doing Precision Nutrition with Mel and it has helped me out a bit to stay accountable.

I haven’t been at the Inbody yet, hopefully on Friday I’ll be able to stop by and get some measurements to see where I’m at.

Signed up for the Dam to Dam race in June. It will be an almost Half Marathon race and I’m looking forward to do it. I did the 5K version last year and i think it was my best 5K that i remember. Also Bentonville is right around the corner. Haven’t signed up yet but we are already making plans!