One more month down, February is gone and the weather here in the tundra is sort of kind of picking up (let’s not forget that winter here lasts until May).

Considering I took a pause the whole first week of the month, I gotta say things are slowly starting to pick up in some areas. With the weather finally getting better (no ice and no snow on the sideways) and the track at the gym to support me, I’m slowly starting to get some pace and more of a routine which I’m hoping to carry out during March.

Anyway, here are the February stats

  • +2.7 pounds (yeah I know I should obsess over the weight number but it is still a vital). I did took an Inbody scale weight today so, by next month I should have better stats than just the weight.
  • 36.74 miles (12.something more than what I did last month).
  • 8 strength training sessions (as I write this, my arms and legs feel like noodles).
  • No bike this month.
  • 1 Yoga session.


Goals for March

  • Catch up on my miles for my goal of 500 miles by the end of 2018.
  • Start a running streak. (At least 1 mile a day).
  • Lose weight and gain some muscle (I’m really tired of yo-yoing and would like to steadily hit 220 and below).
  • Drop of the soda.
  • 64 oz of water daily (with Nuun, plain, or something added).
  • Include Yoga and Swimming into my activities.

That sounds achievable I believe. I’ll keep on posting just to vent at least and track progress.