Tomorrow 11/04 is the Hilbilly 10K race. I’m still not sure about this one tomorrow. The logistics for going are kind of terrible for us and at this point either Ofelia or I will end up doing it but definitely not both as planned. IF I do end up running it, I think I will be able to lower my current 10K time (1:21:46) which I think I can if I play it smart. I know I haven’t done a lot of training lately but considering what I’ve learned and what I’ve done lately I think this is a feasible (and crazy) thing to do.
Also I signed up for the Des Moines Hungry Turkey Half Marathon in 3 weeks. Again, I know my training hasn’t been the best (if any), however now knowing what a half marathon feels like (IMT Des Moines Marathon) I do believe that I can go under 3 hours. My official time is currently 3:05:45 (Garmin time is 3:03:11) so 2:59:59 it is!!
150 Mile Challenge Update
It’s been 60 days since I started the challenge and I’m currently at 78.5 miles, still behind schedule but still in good spirits. Doing the half marathon in 3 weeks and training for it should help me boost my numbers for the month and finally finish this thing off.
Off to do some stuff in the house.