Things are starting to settle down after doing the Des Moines Half Marathon last weekend. I still feel a little bit tired but not exhausted which I’m considering a really good thing.

On Tuesday I went back to Lifetime and their social run thing they do on Tuesdays.  Did 2.3 miles on an uphill path (I really need to work on my hills).

Last night I did 3.4 miles and felt great (no hills!). I also went out and tried listening to podcasts while running instead of music, going to give this a try and see how that goes.

Not a lot of plans for the weekend, would like to hit the gym on Saturday and do a run on Sunday (5-6 miles). I feel like I’m at a point where I can stand walking/running for certain periods of time, I can endure the 10K or the Half Marathon and now I need to work on my times and get better.

I got myself a present after my Half last week. I got a new running jacket. Saw a post on the Negative Splits Podcast about a brand named ruhn. Decided to give it a shot and the jacket arrived yesterday. Looks pretty cool and feels really good. I’m wearing it today for work and it’s starting to grow on me. Hopefully I’ll get to use it out on a run soon. The other cool thing on a personal note, I’m wearing a size XL instead of the usual XXL or XXXL I have been using for the last few years. It feels a bit tight right now, but I’m hoping by the end of the year when winter finally hits it will be a great fit.