It’s been almost 2 days since the Des Moines Half Marathon. I’m definitely more calmed and more relaxed by now and the soreness is slowly starting to go away. I went to Lifetime for a massage yesterday and I think it really really helped me out. 

I’m looking at the rest of the year and what I would like to do for the next 2 and a half months and this is what I would like to accomplish:

  • Got the Hillbilly 10K race early November. I would like to improve my 10K time (current 10K time 1:21:46). 
  • I want to do the Des Moines Hungry Turkey Half Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend and I want to do it under the 3 hour mark. 
  • If at all possible I would like to finish and get my 50miles laces at LifeTime (this one will be though since I won’t be going there starting Dec 1). 
  • Finish my 150 mile challenge. 
  • I would like to end the year weighting 215 pounds (currently hovering over 224-227). 
  • Keep preparing for Disney next year!

Goals written. Time to crush them!