I did it. Yesterday I did my first Half Marathon. I’m writing this the morning after at 5:30am, my body is sore and cranky for making it do the things I did yesterday, but not as terrible as I thought I would feel (tomorrow will be the hard day). 

Anyway, I gotta say I had an amazing time yesterday in the Marathon. The atmosphere and the vibe of all the people is great and contagious. Weather was cold but not miserably cold. 

I completed the run in 3:05 which is 25 minutes below my planned goal, beated my 10K time for about 1 minue or so, and pretty much had a great time. Ofelia and Ana were waiting for me at the end and to be honest seeing them near the end of the race and then at the end felt awesome. 

So now that I did a Half Marathon, here’s what I learned…

  • 13.1 miles is still a lot of F’ing miles to do. 
  • My body can endure 10 miles of non stop walking 0.25 miles and then jogging/running 0.75 miles. 
  • After Mile 10 I think mind pretty much ditched me and left me on my own in autopilot. That’s also when I started to feel crampy on the legs as I started to do more walking at a slower pace. 
  • Compression clothes ftw!!
  • The IMT Des Moines Half Marathon is considered “mostly” flat. That 1% where it’s not flat sucks!!
  • Pasta Night the day before was not a great idea. I felt horrible before going to bed on Saturday Night 🙁
  • Midway through the Half Marathon course there was a bacon tent. Eating some bacon mid race was beautiful. 
  • Now I have a time to beat.