Today I did my first 10K ever. Achievement unlocked: Do a 10K race. This was sort of a special run for me not only because it was my first 10K but also because it was my first time doing a race in Monterrey Mexico, my hometown. 

The race itself went pretty good. I gotta admit that the whole Km vs Miles signs on the streets kind of messed up with my brain for a while but all in all it was a great experience. Weather was also great, considering how hot Monterrey can be. 

A few months before I went out for a 10K casual walk to see what it was like. Took me about 2 hours and a few blisters. The cut off time was 1:30:00 for this event and my final time ended up being 1:22:33. Damn proud of it! Best part was that my legs weren’t as sore as I thought they were going to be so that was also a plus. 

Time to get some rest.