Got invited to a Bike Ride a few weeks ago. I was really hesitant on doing this because of the distance and all that crap. Decided to give it a go anyway. 12.5 miles from Ankeny to Slater and then back. 

Oooooh holly shit!!! That was quite a ride. First half the wind was blowing against me most of the time (a real bummer if you are on the bike), took me about 1:45 minutes to get to Slater (Google said 1 hour). Made it there, had a beer and something to eat, hanged out with the group that invited me, saw my ex-neighbor, and headed back. 

The ride back felt better, but still made the same time. Wind wasn’t so much of a pain more downhills and the wind not being a pain in the ass. 

4 hours on the trail

25 miles total (40kms)

A ton of calories lost

Legs were killing me afterwards but fortunately Monday the pain wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be (go BCA’s and Fish Oil)