Last Saturday June 2nd my wife and I did the Dam 2 Dam 5K Run. Damn it was hot that day! Loved the scene and the event. Got a little intimidated by the half marathoners that were finishing at the 1 hour mark but that’s a thing for a different post. 

Race started and I went for it. In the middle of the race it finally sinked on me the magnitude of the Disney run we are doing next year. Usually when I’m running, around the second mile my brain begins to wander and wants me to stop and leave. Told my brain that was not the plan and my brain reminded me how shitty I was feeling at the moment and that the 10K was double the pain, that the half marathon was double that imaginary pain, and that I would be doing that stuff one day after the other! 

Anyway after a long imaginary debate with my brain I pushed through the whole thing and made my way to the finish line and it felt soooo good. Specially when I saw that my times!! 

Gun time: 38:59

5K time based on my Garmin (chips failed at the race): 37:28 

That’s a almost 4 minutes less than my last 5K and like 20 minutes less since I started timing these.