Let’s start by introducing my running/jogging/walking gear.

Current Gear
Yesterday I got new tennis shoes! After giving it a lot of thought and retiring a pair of Nike Shoes I bought about a year and a half ago (October 2015) my wife convinced me into getting a new pair, and so yesterday we were at the outlet and I bought these new guys… Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2

They seem pretty good and supposedly have arch support so we’ll see how they feel tomorrow when I take them on a run.

My other pair and the ones that have become sort of my running battle shoes are a pair of Under Armour Micro G Optimum (no longer available in stores, sad!). I have grown fond of these, I think I got them January or February 2016. Really like them but they are starting to wear out.

Men’s Tri Fusion Run Running Shoe. I had a love hate relationship with this pair of shoes. I hated them because these were my first “exercise” shoes and I hated them because I used them to do excersice. As time passed by I kind of grew fond of them but also they were a bit tight for me so I ended giving them up about a month ago.

Future plans
Planning to buy a third pair of shoes from a specialized store, wife says I should have 2 pair of shoes and alternate so I’m thinking about doing that in the near future as I start training for the 10K + Half Marathon Challenge next year.